Dating a picky man

When It Comes To Dating, Are We Too Picky? - the Lala

When I shared this finding with one Christian man I know who is still looking for a wife, he looked troubled.

Are you Being too Picky with Dating Men? Futurescopes

Could it be his peers, single men who profess faith in Christ, are intimidated by the standards they hear preached from the pulpit? Evidently so, but the answer is not for us singles to collectively lower our standards, but to prod each other on in the “race of faith”—and have grace for one another along the way.

Am I too <em>picky</em> in <em>dating</em>? The REAP Team

Is Being Picky a Good Thing or Are We All Just Giant Assholes?

If anything, the women I know err on the side of giving too much latitude to men, sometimes blurring the lines between someone who “believes in God” and a real believer.

Am I too picky in dating? The REAP Team

Just as women have their hot-button issues with single men, so too have men with women—namely that the Christian women they see around them “expect too much” of men and have ridiculously hh standards, spiritually speaking.

Dating a picky man:

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